I arrived in Canterbury, with my life in 2 suitcases. (I do realise that this is very much a first world problem.) I had to sift and sort to decide what it was I really wanted or needed to have with me. Once here in my minimally furnished flat, I needed to decide what I could do without. So, what do I do without my stuff? Shorn of my stuff, what are my resources?

Like many liminal spaces, this is a thrilling, slightly scary, and exciting space to be in. It means turning inward upon myself to discover what I truly own. Instead of arranging my stuff when I got here, I cleaned the house, rearranged what furniture there was, and made offerings to the household spirits here. That helped, but I only truly felt at home once I had made a full moon offering of honey, cream, and whiskey to the spirits of this land.

The tree around which I poured it is an ash tree that I can see from my window. Ash is the World Tree, the axis mundi, and the spine of the universe. She is the tree from which Odin hung to gain wisdom, and the tree of healing and enchantment and of power in the matter of destiny. It is a good connection to have.


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