Solitude and Thinking

I have been alone here now for a little over a week. It feels strange to live alone again for the first time in many years. Because I am trying to live as simply as I can while I do this, I tend to have a lot of silence around me. I find this stimulating for thinking.

The course is run as a series of weekend intensives, with a seminar mid-week. There is a massive amount of reading to absorb, as well as concepts and ideas. Last weekend we did a breakneck journey through philosophy from Plato to The Enlightenment, as well as thinking about the methods that we will be using as scholars. The lesson I think I came away with is that we always have a lens through which we look at the world around us as well as ideas we encounter. The most important thing is to know (and communicate) what your lens (or lenses) is (are). That and “We can not escape The Enlightenment.” It is the lens of our entire western culture. I struggle with being a Pagan practitioner, believing in the gods and knowing that it could possibly just all be brain chemistry. I think I know how Jacob felt.

Jacob and Angel copy Jacob Wrestling with The Angel

It was a rich and intense weekend, with a lot of different insights into a lot of different ways of thinking about metaphysics. Much thinking will be done.

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  1. Steven says:

    Jacob is hot.


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